Turbo Squid Tentacles

Turbo Squid Tentacles 4.0

Gain access to the Turbo Squid online library
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Browse and download or purchase a wide variety of 3D models for your own application, by directly accessing the Turbo Squid online content. The tool integrates itself with your own 3D applications supporting the dragging and dropping of models, includes collaborative capabilities and embeds interactive search functions.

Tentacles fully integrates the Turbo Squid online content library into your favorite 3D applications. Use it to find and purchase new content, to organize and back up your critical work files, and to develop workspaces without ever leaving your 3D application.

The Beta version features an updated publishing system that allows for easy uploading and organization of your content, all from within Tentacles and your 3D app.

Main features:

- Integration Into Your 3D Application
Access TurboSquid's content library, Drag-and-Drop models from the marketplace to your existing scene, while never interrupting your workflow.

- Free File Storage and Team Collaboration
The Tentacles File System gives you gigabytes of free file storage. Manage collaborative Workspaces and centralize the way you communicate with freelancers around the globe.

- Free File Archive
Save your work to a secure, online, private archive accessible from within your 3D Application.

- Interactive Search and Shopping Features
Use Tentacles to compare in a side-by-side fashion assets from TurboSquid's library, view the vital statistics and determine which content best fits your needs.

- Downloads
Download the Tentacles plug-in for your 3D Application, or as a stand-alone version.

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